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Get More Instagram Followers With This Method

Get More Instagram FollowersStop! Don’t shoot! Calm down. It’s just me. That’s what Instagram is trying to say to everyone who is wondering who this imposter is on their internet land that they guard with the loaded guns of their hearts. You see, the world wasn’t ready for Instagram’s seemingly overnight success story. Way back in the 10th month of the year 2010 (October, 2010) Instagram was started with some seed funding from internet startup investors on a gamble. Those guys were more like poker players, not true gamblers, however. Because they knew that they had an edge on the competition, they weren’t taking as much of a risk as some thought. The reason they weren’t taking a risk is because Instagram was destined to work out, destined to give them a solid return on investment, just like their crops on Farmville or their Mafia Wars army did on Facebook.  Those investors weren’t taking a risk and neither will you as you go on your quest to get more Instagram followers. Finally, enough of the high school history class that was this first paragraph, let’s get down to our method and show you the true power of being a social butterfly in an internet world filled with boring little Twitter birds. “tweet, tweet”

Social Media and the Butterfly Effect
What is a social butterfly? A social butterfly is somebody who flutters around talking to person to person and has no boundaries, just flying where they’d like. They may have been an unsocial caterpillar at some point. For our method to get more Instagram followers we want to be a butterfly and not get stung like a bee.

The Bright Trick to Instagram Fame
The first trick to being the butterfly is to post pretty pictures, just like the pretty bug that you are. People like pretty pictures.  The second trick to butterflying is to go out there and get on every page that you see. You need to like and comment and follow and then like and comment and follow again. The third trick is to be as harmless and friendly as the beautiful monarch. If somebody has a picture you support you need to tell them that you absolutely love their Instagram photo posting. Don’t be afraid to use emoticons such as the smiley face or the winky face. Girls and guys on Instagram just eat that right up. Get more followers, get them on Instagram. Be the love bug you are and don’t be too fearful to spread your wings and let your social media content fly around the internet.