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How Do You Get Free Followers On Instagram

How Do You Get Free Followers On InstagramHow Do You Get Free Followers On Instagram? – Our Guide
Since Its inception way back in the year 2010, Instagram has captured the hearts and minds of millions. It hasn’t just captured those body parts, though. It’s also captured the eyeballs of nearly 100 million people from all around the world. America to South Africa and even a user or two in Timbuktu. Instagram became so immensely popular because it made it so easy for the average person to “snap a pic” on their mobile device and then get it instantly posted to the internet for all of their friends and family to see. Many people have more followers than just their friends and family. Some people even have a few million followers and their photos are just not up to snuff compared to yours, don’t you think? A friend told you that you could buy followers and pretty much sell yourself out. It’s really not that bad, but if you want to not spend your hard earned cash, here are a few great ways for you to get some unpaid followers on the social network called Instagram.

1. Become a suggested user
Becoming a suggested user takes a bit of effort. Firstly, you need to take photos that are in comparison to the bee’s knees. In other words, you have to be almost on the professional level of picture taking. Secondly you need to get those photos noticed by the team at Instagram that picks accounts to be featured as suggested users. How can you do that? We don’t know either. What a headache!

2. Use Your Existing Resources
You can use your existing resources such as an email list, twitter followers, Facebook friends list, or other online networks you may have made. Most people don’t have email lists that our tens of thousands of emails strong or a twitter following that rivals celebrities like Jimmy Fallon. Oh and your Facebook friends list you’ve been building for years? We highly doubt that your grandma is going to want to follow you on that “New fangled technology she can’t wrap her head around. Dang kids!”

3. Comment On Popular Accounts
Sure, if you comment on popular accounts, you’re bound to get noticed by one or two of them. But that’s the problem. Many of them are so popular that they won’t even notice your little comment on their big page. It would also take hours per day to post enough comments to make a dent in the side of the Instagram car.

Those are some legitimate ways, but they would exhaust even the longest marathon runner. How do you get free followers on Instagram? Follow our methods or buy them from a reputable seller. Our guide took you through the ways, now it’s up for you to get paid. Good luck and Don’t forget the small guys.