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Our Official Guide to Getting Followers On Instagram

Followers On InstagramIf you have made it to this article, I’m sure you’ve read the big press releases on CNN and Fox News and other mass media outlets about how popular the social media photo sharing website Instagram really has become. It’s become so popular that even Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, and Katy Perry use the site on a daily basis. Some of them have even built a significant amount of their fan-base from Instagram fans, otherwise known as “Instagram followers” in the social media world. Since you’re a savvy internet user and you obviously know about the immense popularity that Instagram enjoys, let’s get a little deeper for you smart people and break down the ways to get some serious things going on Instagram. Our official guide starts here:

1.    Post good photos
One of the best ways to get likes, which often lead to very loyal followers is to post quality things and then it will get noticed more. People reward good posters. Be a good picture poster.
2.    Be consistent
Maybe even post 10 photos a day. At least post three or four and get some community engagement around your profile. Consistency is king.

3.    Don’t photo bomb
Sure, you need to be consistent by posting photos regularly and not letting people forget about your profile. But remember not to bomb out people’s screens by posting a bunch of photographs at the same time. Space them out throughout the day or find a software program that will automatically do that for you

4.    Post some images that bring out emotions so they go Facebook viral
It doesn’t matter whether or not the emotions are positive or negative.  An extremely effective way to get people talking about your Instagram account is to post photos that either make their blood boil over in anger or, more preferably, make their face light up with a smile so big that it makes their cheeks hurt for a week!

5.    Tag your Instagram pictures with relevant #hashtags
If people are searching for cute photos of kittens and they see your photo come up with a tattooed biker wearing nothing but a leather vest, they won’t be happy. Get your pics tagged with things that pertain to its subject and people will be much more responsive to all of your things.

There’s our official guide to getting followers on Instagram. If you are too lazy to do all of those things, the alternative is to simple purchase your Instagram followers from a registered vender such as this site. Check out the page to see if it’s right for you. Happy Instagraming.