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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the likes/followers I ordered to be delivered?

We will do it within 24 hours. Most times, it will be delivered in a few hours’ time. Believe it or not, some of our guys do sleep from time to time although we never let delivery delay beyond 24 hours!

Can I spread out likes to existing photos or do I have to order them for only new photos?

If you order a minimum of 10,000 likes, we can distribute the likes to 20 of your most recently uploaded photos. That is 500 likes for your 20 recent photos. We cannot distribute likes bought on smaller packages though.

How do I contact you guys on Skype for the popular page service?

Our popular page service requires you to do a little bit of work, just a little. We want to make sure you do it right. Use the contact form to drop us your Skype handle and we will get in touch with you pretty soon.

How do I get the link for the photo that I want to get likes for?

This is simple. Simply visit webstagram, search for your account by username and then find the picture that you want to send likes to. Copy paste that URL in the form we provide. We will take care of the rest!